Simplicity elegance and function are fundamental to oriental design not to mention fine craftsmanship and at Kazari + Ziguzagu we stock a broad range of antique, vintage and contemporary furniture from Japan, China and South East Asia. We stock antique and vintage Japanese and Chinese furniture from the 14th Century through to the mid 20th Century. Our contemporary range of furniture includes bookcases, entertainment units, dining tablesdesks, and dining chairs.  We also stock a range of contemporary benches and peanuts made with solid teak and covered in cow hide, indigo block print canvas and African mudcloth.

Our vintage furniture items are clean and green meaning no new trees have been chopped down to create these pieces. The wood used in our vintage furniture items has already stood the test of time and have been masterfully crafted of the highest standard. You will see that many pieces of our vintage furniture items may have slight imperfections/character flaws which add another level of charm and intrigue. 

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Carved Bench