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  • Spring Tea Gathering at Kazari + Ziguzagu

    This month, 27th September, we'll be hosting Tea Drunk Studios, Tea Masters Scott Rogers and Peter Micic will share and present tea from traditions and practices having a venerable history in China and Japan. Tea provides a wonderful space to share moments and unexpected discoveries savouring these moments one sip at a time. Emiko Rogers, the original Kazari Cafe chef will also prepare a number of small delectable seasonal dishes to augment and freshen the palate and enhance the tea experience. This will certainly be a unique delight for all.

    The below is just a taste of what will be prepared and served on the day, with some extra surprises in store.

    - Pure Flow, Fine Sencha from Uji (Kyoto) , Uji reigns as the premier growing region of the finest green teas in the world.

    - Genmai Tea Special Matcha Injected Grade from Uji, there is no one who does not crave more of this tea.

    - Emerald Jade Oolong Tea, this aromatic tea from Taiwan, hand-plucked and grown in high elevation tea gardens, carries a sweet lingering magnolia aftertaste

    - Muzha Tieguanyin, in Taiwan, Tieguanyin (lit: 'Iron Goddess') denotes a type of Oolong tea 'moderately' or 'lightly' roasted.

    - Jin Xuan Oolong Tea, this tea when infused at low to medium temperatures releases a silky smooth taste with very a subtle yet distinct aftertaste.

    - Macha Powdered Green Tea:  Scott will present this tea in a traditional chado style of preparation. The matcha for the event is from Uji (Kyoto), the finest green tea growing region in Japan. The tea has a characteristic distinctive aroma and mellow sweetness. Only the most delicate flavoured young leaves are picked and steam processed without rolling. This is then ground to the finest powder by stone mills in the time honoured tradition.

    A finely hand-made Japanese style okashi sweet will be served with this tea to provide an exceptional palate balance sensation.

    About the tea masters:

    Scott Soshin Rogers lived in Kyoto, Japan for 15 years and is a long time practitioner of the Urasenke Tradition of Chado, the Way of Tea, under the guidance of Dr. Genshitsu Sen XV and was awarded the Tea Master title Soshin.

    He currently teaches Chado and its significance for daily life. Scott has studied the cultural and spiritual origins of tea and its association with Zen Buddhism and has travelled through Korea, Taiwan and Southern China in pursuit of the timeless traditions of tea and self knowledge.

    He spends most of his time drinking tea and collecting fine tea wares.

    Dr. Peter Micic is an author, musician, explorer and tea ambassador, Peter has taken scores of people across China on culinary, cultural and musical discovery tours since the early 1990s.

    In recent years, he has become a passionate advocate of teas, especially teas from Yunnan's southwest. He has trekked across some of the worlds most ancient tea forests in Yunnan, and observed first-hand how cultural groups have cultivated, harvested and produced the teas. He has spent time with tea masters and listened to their tea stories.

    He never leaves home without a supply of tea.

    Cost: $125 per person and places are strictly limited so book now!

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