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  • Japanese Historical Chronology - Kamakura Period

    KAMAKURA PERIOD: AD 1185-1333

    "Kamakura is a small coastal town about 400 kilometres east of Kyoto across a mountain range. During the Heike wars (1180-85) between the Taira and Minamoto clans, Minamoto no Yoritomo (1147-99) chose Kamakura for his headquarters because of its remote position. He defeated the Taira in 1185 and was made the first Shogun in 1192. The Shogunate (warrior government) remained at Kamakura until the Ashikaga Shoguns took over in 1333.

    There was an increase in popular forms of Buddhism, such as the J?do (Pure Land) sect which assured salvation to commoners. Zen Buddhism, with its attendant arts, took a firm hold on the samurai classes because of its emphasis on self-discipline and simplicity. Wooden sculpture, realistic portraiture and narrative painting all flourished".

    Ref: Excerpt obtained from The British Museum

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