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Jo and Robert’s daughter Lucy found love and a passion for wine in the picturesque Grampians Wine region of Victoria, Australia.

Black & Ginger Wines, have been making waves in the Australian wine scene. Join us at Kazari to taste their wines and celebrate Christmas on Wednesday December 6th from 6.30pm until 9pm.

It’s here with her husband Hadyn and their two lovable hounds, Hunter and Paddy, they have developed two sustainable businesses.

Hounds Run Vineyard and Black & Ginger Wines, have been making waves in the Australian wine scene, through growing NASAA Certified organic wine grapes and producing wines from alternative grape varietals.

The two business may be separate entities, but they share a unique connection that is continuing to shape the identity of this historic wine region.

Hounds Run Vineyard:
Founded in 2016 by Hadyn and Lucy and lovingly named after their hounds, Hounds Run Vineyard is an award-winning boutique vineyard, growing exceptional quality certified organic wine grapes.

Hounds Run is home to an secluded off grid Tiny House bed and breakfast with spectacular 360 degree views of the Grampians, Black Range and Sugarloaf Hill.
Located just 10km from the Great Western Wine Village in Western Victoria and only 30 minutes from Halls Gap and the
spectacular Grampians (Gariwerd) National Par, the Tiny House is suitable for couples or singles looking for a secluded getaway. The charm of a tiny house lies in its ability to create an intimate sanctuary where you can relax, unwind, and rejuvenate.

It features one queen bedroom, kitchenette, a bathroom with shower and composting toilet, gas heating, dishwasher and air conditioning.
Hadyn and Lucy’s vision for Hounds Run Vineyard was clear from the start: to produce quality fruit that showcases the unique terroir of the Grampians, with a commitment to sustainability respect of the land.

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Black & Ginger Wines:
Located at Hounds Run you'll also find Black & Ginger Wines, a winery with a different story but a shared passion for the Grampians region. B&G was founded in 2015 by two mates, mates who’s daily lives couldn’t be more different but have a common passion for wine and the great outdoors.

Hadyn Black, a talented winemaker from the Grampians Wine
Region and Darcy ‘Ginger’ Naunton, an entrepreneur from the big smoke. They’ve brought their complementary skills together to create wines that resonate with the modern palate.

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What sets Black & Ginger Wines apart is their innovative approach through experimenting with lesser-known grape varieties and winemaking techniques as well as exploring more sustainable practices. Their bold and daring spirit shines through in their signature wine Miss Piggy, an Orange Muscat & Riesling Blend made in a dry style. As well as their Grenache Nouveau, a fresh fruity wine and Cinco Rojas, a blend of five different Iberian grape varietals all growing in Great Western, and more from their range add a contemporary twist to the traditional Grampians wine offerings.

The Connection:
What connects these two remarkable wine businesses is more than just their proximity. Lucy Black (nee Joyce), co- founder of Hounds Run Vineyard, is a source of inspiration for her husband Hadyn, co-founder of Black & Ginger Wines.
The connection between these two businesses illustrates the close-knit and collaborative nature of the Grampians wine community, as both businesses continue to push the boundaries by developing new ideas and producing exceptional wines that reflect the region diverse terroir. They also embody the spirit of innovation and tradition, showing that the Grampians is a wine region, not only with a long history, but also a bright and promising future.

In the heart of the Grampians Wine region, Hounds Run Vineyard and Black & Ginger Wines stand as a testament to the passion and dedication of Lucy and Hadyn, who call this breathtaking part of Victoria home. Their Tiny House accommodation and wines, invite wine enthusiasts and adventurers, to savor the beauty of the Grampians one sip at a
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