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    Kazari + Ziguzagu recommends - Omen Restaurant - Kyoto

    Our next foodie recommendation is Omen, literally meaning 'noodles'. This favourite has become a mainstay restaurant in Kyoto with three locations locally and now one in New York. Directors Jo and Robert have been eating at Omen since the 1980's, now Robert and daughter Lucy eat at Omen at least once on each trip.

    The signature dish, Omen, thick udon noodles served with hot or cold broth and an assortment of local seasonal vegetables is a must. There is also an a la carte menu full of delicious seasonal 'tapas' style dishes ideal for sharing. The food is light but filling, you will walk away feeling content and clean inside.  Tempura, miso soup and other favourites are also available and the menu is vegetarian friendly, something of an anomaly in Japan. Our pick from the a la carte menu and available all year round, kizushi, rice vinegar cured mackeral sashimi with a ginger, soy dipping sauce.

    The menu is available in both English and Japanese and all major credit cards are accepted. During cherry blossom season queues are out the door and around the corner so it's best to get in early or just before last orders at 8:30pm. Omen is closed on Thursdays (and some special holidays) at the original flagship location near Ginkakuji Temple.

    Address (main location): Ginkakuji, Sakyo-ku, Ginkakuji, bus pool Minami donari, Kyoto-shi

    Phone: +81 75 771 8994

    Email: contact@omen.co.jp

    Hours: 11am-9pm (last orders 8:30pm)



    Left: Steamed seasonal vegetables with miso dipping sauce

    Right: Seared cold bonito with a crisp salad soy dressing and garlic chips



    Left: Cold sake served with salt

    Right: An Omen staff member preparing the vegetable accompaniments for Omen noodles



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