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  • New Sculpture : Faustas Sadauskas

    Just arrived in our courtyard garden a spectacular sculpture simply titled ' # ' (hashtag) 2014 by Faustas Sadauskas

    "As an artist respectful of the use of natural materials such as local timbers and stone, my practice has becomeweighted towards marble as I work using traditional methods and techniques. There is nothing ephemeral about stone or that which results in producing a permanency to outlive most other pundits. The marble I caeve has metamorphosed over hundreds of millions of years and contains fossil remnants and I reincarnate to find a new meaning beyond my existence. In departing from a previous aesthetic, I return to a more familiar abstract construct through a schematic theme of cross-hatching space in a formalist arrangement of free-floating and interveaving diagonals that seemingly defy the draw of gravity. As a segment taken from traditional patterns and other inherent folklore symbols, the form is heightened to a grander scale, and , as a graphic exercise, it no less originates from my own drawing technique. As a symbol, it is ubiquitously found in ancient Indo-European decorative motifs that span from the Western Occident to the Eastern Orient, emerging from an understanding of celestial and earthy natural cycles containing narratives reinterpreted into a matrix geometry."- Faustas Sadauskas

    Installing '#' in our courtyard garden



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