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  • Misusashi - Mizu-what?

    Mizusashi, Mizu-what!?

    Unique, decorative and functional

    Japanese Mizusashi (mizu-sashi) are lidded containers traditionally used for the storage of hot water during a Japanese tea ceremony, however in 21st century Australia they can be used for the storage of just about anything. The best feature of a vintage mizusashi is that they are completely unique one-of-a-kind pieces and are both decorative and functional.

    Mizusashi can be used as unique and decorative kitchen storage containers, desk storage for pens or in place of vases and planters or even a place to put your keys in at the front door. Japanese Mizusashi are made from a variety of materials including pottery, glass, bronze and cloisonn, an ancient technique for decorating metalwork and come in an array of sizes averaging 20cm high and 17cm in diameter.

    These pieces and more are available to purchase online here or in-store at or shop 450 Malvern Rd, Prahran. Take a look now youre bound to find something you love!


    Black and green Oribe pottery mizusashi - used as kitchen storage jars

    Japanese Shino pottery mizusashi - used as a dining table centrepiece

    Japanese shigaraki pottery mizusashi - used as kitchen storage jars

    Shino and Shigaraki pottery mizusashi  - used as decoration



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