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  • Blue: Alchemy of a Colour - NGV International

    The National Gallery of Victoria (NGV) International has just launched a new exhibition which explores the colour blue, arguably the world's favourite colour. The collection incorporates textiles, ceramics and artworks charting the historical and ceremonial influences of the colour blue. Below are some images of selected works featured in the exhibition and online. The exhibition runs until March 16th 2016, don't miss out! And for a comprehensive review visit The Age. If this exhibition captures your eye and fires your imagination, at Kazari + Ziguzagu we stock a broad range of indigo textiles and ceramics, dating from the 18th century through to contemporary examples.


    Original Japanese woodblock print by Utugawa Hiroshige c1830.


    Chinese pouring bowl, C14th

    Japanese 'Boro' (indigo) Kimono

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