New Shipment Antique Japanese Furniture

Our latest Japanese shipment has arrived! 

Including this immense antique bronze water fountain, which just arrived in the courtyard. Originating from a Buddhist temple, it would make a statement garden feature.

Be the first to see the new furniture being restored at the warehouse. This is a curated collection of items, to see the full selection, visit us in store or at the warehouse. or enquire online.

Read more about our restoration process. 


Bronze Buddhist Water Fountain of immense size. Edo period, 18th century.

$35 000

Japanese Paulownia Wood Chest

Japanese paulownia wood tea cabinet, c.1930

67W x 34D x 61H


Japanese 10 drawer custom shop storage chest made from cypress and cedar wood.

96W x 56D x 170H


Japanese paulownia wood chest of 18 drawers, Edo period, c.1820

159W x 33.5D x 90H


Fine quality folk art chest, Mingei Dansu, Edo period, early C19th

81.5W x 46D x 75H


Blackwood Cha Dana, tea cabinet, Taisho period, c. 1920's

90W x 34D 119H


Cypress wood Mingei Dansu, folk chest, Edo period, late C18th

Glass fronted shop storage display cabinet, made from cypress and cedar wood.


143W x 53D 170H


Four drawer paulownia wood chest of drawers with circular locks, Meiji period.

85W x 43D x 88H


Rare Mingei Dansu, folk art chest, made of cypress, Edo period, c.1830

106W x 47D x 91H


  Unusual paulownia and cypress wood 
Brushed cedar wood cha dana, tea cabinet, with

Lacquered Kusuri Dansu, medicine chest, for herbs, with 63 drawers. Meiji period, C19th

106W x 23D x 59H


Choba dansu, merchant's shop storage chest from Gifu prefecture, late Edo period, c.1860.

91W x 41D x 95H


kusuri dansu, medicine chest made from cypress, for the storage of herbs, Edo period, c.1850

81W x 41D x 86H


Two piece choba dansu, merchant's shop storage chest, from Gifu prefecture, made from zelkova and cedar woods, Taisho period, c.1920

91W x 43D x 151H


An unusual paulownia wood clothing storage chest, with a shaped display shelf.



108W x 55D x 140H






Cha dana, tea cabinet with paintings of cherry blossom and maple leaves, Taisho period, c.1920.

85W x 36.5D x 76H


Small paulownia chest with six external doors with circular iron hardware, and persimmon wood exterior. Taisho period, c.1920

62W x 33D x 67H


Japanese safe, made from cypress and ribbed on all sides, Taisho period, c.1920's.

77W x 48D x 63H


Three piece paulownia woiod clothing storage chest, Showa period, c.1920's

90W x 45D x 152H


Cypress wood chest of eighteen drawers from a merchant, late Edo period, c.1850

81W x 41D x 86H


Rare mingei dansu from a merchant's shop, made from lacquered cypress and paulownia wood, Edo period, 18th century.

83W x 44D x 74H


Lacquered zelkova wood multi purpose storage chest, Taisho period, c.1920.

96W x 42.5D x 127D


Zelkova wood chest of sixteen drawers, copper hardware, Meiji period.

89W x 38D x 72H


Five drawer lacquered cypress wood chest, with high quality iron hardware. Meiji period, 19th century

67W x 39D x 67H


Choba dansu, merchant shop storage chest, made from cypress and cedar woods. From Gifu, Meiji period, early 20th century

91W x 42D x 94H


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