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  • Lettie Woodman on creativity and up-cycling with 'Oletta'


    Oletta in essence: I am a Fashion Design student who is passionate about exploring deep self-expression with textiles and am fascinated by the concept of empowering humans through clothing.
    I see clothing as daily armour to support the mind and body. From this, I make pieces to support aspects of your individual personality.
    The world of textiles follows quite a trend based cycle, stores delivering what is seen on the catwalk or what is trending throughout society at the time. That is why I have turned to my own sources of vintage fabric stores, up-cycling and fabric printing to create my own style for my garments.
    Kazari + Ziguzagu stock one of the most exotic and colourful ranges of fabrics Ive seen. Their selection of printed, woven, and embellished fabrics is always enticing to the eye and inspirational.
    I first started using Japanese fabrics in my work through the discovery of panelling. This technique is very sustainable and allows you to re-use preloved fabric scraps with a new personality.


    From this concept, I formed my Patchwork Jacket. A statement piece, intended to catch your eye and intrigue you. A piece that is elegantly edgy, yet holds an air of timeless culture. It is a piece that can be worn on a daily basis or on a formal occasion. The inclusion of the Japanese fabrics gives a sense of intense luxury and authenticity.
    For those who want to know the nitty gritty… the process involves physically sectioning the pattern of a garment using design lines. The pieces can be as big or as small as you desire or as your fabric needs, which works well in conjunction with the width of these Japanese fabrics. These sections can then be placed onto different areas of fabric, cut, and sewn back together with seamless stitching. This essentially is creating your own fabric.
    Dont allow the width and character of these fabrics to stall you. Allow it to take you to a new level.
    Creativity evolves best without guidelines or boundaries.



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