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  • A Sneak Peak at the New Japanese Furniture

    The latest Japanese shipment has just arrived with some truly gorgeous and unique pieces of furniture. Here is a sneak peak of some of the highlights, yet to be restored. Choose to buy them as is, for a DIY project or have our in house team do all the hard work for you. Prices quoted are for fully restored furniture. Get in quick as some have already sold! 

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     Japanese Tea Cabinet

    AX7 $950


    AX no code $2500


    Japanese Choba Dansu

    AX3 $2600


    Rosewood bookcase

    AX 9 SOLD


    Shop storage chest

    AX 25 $5950


    Japanese Chest on Chest

    AX 32 $4000


    Japanese chest on chest

    Ax 40 $3950


    Kimono Chest

    AX 57 $2200


    Lacquer Chestlacquer Chest open

    AX 71 $7500


    Green Lacquer chest

    AX 72 $7500


    Choba Dansu

    AX no code $2800


    Japanese Clothing Chest

    AX 1 $2800


    Japanese clothing chestJapanese clothing chest

    AX 5 $5000 each (matching pair)


    Storage chest


    AX 31 $4600


    Japanese chest on chest

    AX 22 $2800


    Japanese chest

    AX 50 $4200


    Staircase chest

    AX 20 $6500


    Japanese chests

    Top: AX 15 $950 Bottom: AX 16 $1950


    Japanese Clothing Chest

    Japanese clothing chest

    AX 18 $3600



    AX no code $4950



    AX no code $5500

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